We've won!

Huge news!

Finance Minister Victor Dominello has guaranteed job security for all NSW cleaners in the contract.

Cleaners have won our fight for job security! We’ve locked in:

  • A job guarantee for every single NSW cleaner under the contract, meaning you won’t be forced to reapply for your jobs
  • An hours guarantee, meaning your employer can’t cut your current hours
  • Protections around sub-contracting, meaning we won’t end up with a heap of dodgy employers and wage theft
  • And more – we’ll post more info when we’re allowed legally to release it (but this is one of the few times where the fine print is actually good!)

All of this means we’re changing our planned rally on Wednesday into a massive celebration! More details to come but you can RSVP here to attend.

We know that not every cleaner can come, so if you can't, we'll also be live-streaming the announcement in our Facebook group for cleaning members. If you are a government cleaning United Voice member, you can request to join the group here.

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It’s been a long fight.

To recap, in June last year, the NSW government told us they were stripping the jobs and hours guarantee from the government cleaning contract, forcing every cleaner to reapply for their jobs and putting 7000 jobs at risk across the state.

It was the biggest threat to cleaners’ job security that we’ve seen in the 24 years since privatisation.

So together we fought back – cleaners joined their union, petitioned the minister, met with politicians, shared stories in the media, mobilised teachers, principals and school communities, wrote to the premier and held mass meetings across the state.

And – credit where it’s due – the government and Minister Dominello have listened to cleaners.

It’s been an incredible eight months – congratulations to everyone involved.