Over 160 Clean Schools!

Across New South Wales, cleaners have had conversations with Principals, teachers, staff and other cleaners about the importance of ensuring there are no further cuts to hours in the new contract.


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January 19 - A win for all education cleaners & a day to celebrate

In 2014, education cleaners across the State stood up and fought back against a petty attempt by Transfield, a major cleaning contractor, to cut one day of annual leave out of the leave calendar– 19 January. Members knew that if Transfield succeeded in stealing this leave, it would not only hurt Transfield cleaners, but it would also pose a threat to the leave and entitlements of all education cleaners, as other contractors may look to do the same.

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Education Cleaners Meet With Their MPs

In 2014, 47 education cleaning members led 23 visits to MPs across the State, calling for clean schools and quality cleaning. Union members asked for a commitment that the politicians would not support the devolvement of education cleaning. 


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Clean Schools Support from Teachers!

The latest edition of Education - the Journal of the NSW Teachers Federation - features a great story about the Clean Schools campaign and why teachers should be a part. Read the full article below!

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70 Clean Schools and Counting!

All over New South Wales, school communities are coming together to make their schools Clean Schools. In just a few months, over 70 schools have become Clean Schools!

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Clean Schools: Teletownhall

On Wednesday, 08 October, education cleaners from the across the State held a teletownhall to talk about the future of their campaign. Hear the full teletownhall here.

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Make your school a Clean School!

Want to show your entire school community supports quality cleaning? Make your School a Clean School.

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