January 19 - A win for all education cleaners & a day to celebrate

In 2014, education cleaners across the State stood up and fought back against a petty attempt by Transfield, a major cleaning contractor, to cut one day of annual leave out of the leave calendar– 19 January. Members knew that if Transfield succeeded in stealing this leave, it would not only hurt Transfield cleaners, but it would also pose a threat to the leave and entitlements of all education cleaners, as other contractors may look to do the same.

So, Transfield cleaners - and cleaners from other parts of the State - took action to fight back. Cleaners signed hundreds of postcards; Principals and teachers across the State signed solidarity pledges and sent in letters to the editor, and everyone
joined together for noisy actions in Newcastle and Sydney to tell Transfield that it couldn't steal this important day of leave.




Because of the power of union members and supporters standing together, Transfield backed off– agreeing that cleaners deserve all their leave.

On the 19th January 2015, enjoy the day, and remember that it exemplifies the power of union members and supporters coming together to make a stand. 

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