Count Down to The New Contract


The announcement for the new cleaning contractors is fast approaching with the announcement date set for November 2018.

We know that 4 regions are being merged, with the far south coast merging with southern NSW and far north coast merging with northwest NSW.

This means that if you are in a regional area you could be one of the regions that will see a new contractor take over. If this is so, one of 3 things are possible:

  • Your existing contractor wins the contract for the new region
  • The other contractor could win the contract, or
  • A new player could win it

We know that in some areas of the existing contracts cleaners are being pushed to the edge of their limit, with many reporting that:

  • Their hours are being reduced across their area
  • There have been issues replacing equipment in their schools, leading to cleaners spending more time cleaning classrooms and
  • Full time positions are being replaced with casual cleaners, meaning cleaners don’t know who they’ll be working with each time they come to work.

Cleaners - it’s time to get involved in the campaign to ensure the good, secure jobs you secured stay that way.




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