Is your school
A clean school?

Find out if your school is a Clean School.

What's happening

The NSW Government decided to cut the cleaning budget of NSW Public Schools every year until 2016. This will leave schools unclean and the school toilets unhygienic. It's an issue that goes to the health and safety of every school student and teacher in the state.

If young people and children are to learn and grow in a clean, safe environment, the whole school community needs to stand together to change this broken system.

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Make your school a Clean School!

Show that your entire school community supports quality cleaning by making your school a Clean School. 

A Clean School is a school committed to keeping their school clean and supporting quality cleaning.

It's a school where the entire school community comes together to publicly recognise the importance of clean schools for educational outcomes and celebrate the work of cleaners by signing onto our Clean Schools pledge.

Find out how you can make your school a Clean School by clicking here.

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